If there is any model-turned-actor in Bollywood who has grown to become better than we could have imagined, it’s Arjun Rampal! When he started out, we fell in love with his flawless personality but then acting happened, and things went slightly off track for the man. In any case, we cannot deny that there is something strikingly amazing about him. Oh, and let’s not forget that deep voice. Much like wine, he’s only gotten better and grander with time. And we’ve grown to love him all the more!

And so, we honestly mean it when we say that no one in the industry can compete with what he has to offer. Here are 35 photos, which undeniably prove that the man has aged like wine and is one of the best things to have happened to Bollywood and fashion.

Let’s begin with what he looked like 20 years ago.

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His early modelling years created quite a buzz in the fashion industry.

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You name a style and he’ll pull it off with utmost perfection.

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And add a touch of his own glam.

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Then came the next chapter of his life, where even B-town couldn’t resist his poise and went gaga over his appearance!

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Inspiring, right?

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Over the years, his success has multiplied. With several roles in Bollywood, the actor got enough exposure and limelight to become what he is today.

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Whether it’s his performance in Rock on!! and Rajneeti or a change to humour in Housefull , we watched him progress as an actor.

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Also, let’s not forget his drastic jump to playing a negative character in Ra.One . From his physical appearance to his acting, we were left awe-struck throughout.


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Coming to the part where he’s currently 42 years old!

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And undeniably sexy…

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There is, of course, much more to him than his vibrant career and great looks. He’s also fond of DJing.

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And is married to Mehr Jesia Rampal since 1998…


And is a father of two!

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Yet, he managed to look this flawlessly charming in his last release Roy.

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And continues to endorse products (and himself) with grace and panache.

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No wonder we wish to age as beautifully as him because he is only getting better with time…

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Radiating an aura of Adonis, this man can substitute fine wine easily don’t you think? We are in awe and completely inspired!