The Indian army is a source of pride for all Indians. Their bravery is nonpareil, but so is their sensitivity to people around them. Most of us remember their feats during the Kargil War, but somehow manage to forget other humane fights. Let's take a look at some of these facts which you might not know about :

1. Though there is a provision for conscription in the Indian Constitution, it has never been utilized.

In countries like Israel all 18-year olds have to serve in the army for a minimum of two years under the provision of conscription. Though such a provision exists in India, it has never been utilised owing to a great number of volunteers.

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2. Indian Army contributes the highest number of volunteers to UN Peacekeeping Missions.

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3. Indian Army will be taking the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to Everest.

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4. The inmates at the paraplegic center in Pune, demonstrated no tendency to commit suicide in the 90s.

In European countries this percentage was as high as 30.

Source: India Today

5. Sepoy Kamal Ram received the Victoria Cross for demonstrating unnatural bravery in World War II. He was just nineteen.

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6. Before taking up their posts in Afghanistan, American Green Berets trained with the Indian army to understand high altitude warfare.

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7. The infamous, Bhut Jolokia chilli is being used by the Indian army to make hand grenades. This is also helping the poor farmers.

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8. Capt. Vikram Batra used Pepsi's famous slogan, Yeh Dil Maange More as a war cry in the Kargil War .

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9. The Army's Ambulance Train, 'Dhanwantri' was acknowledged by the Guinness book of World records for undertaking the longest hospital train journey.

Between 15 August 1997 and 13 Jan 1998, the train travelled through miles to treat millions of Indians.

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10. Under Operation Maitri, the Indian Army has set up makeshift hospitals in Nepal. On May 15, the Indian Army helped a Nepali woman give birth to a baby girl.

Source: ADG PI

11. Touched by the sacrifices made by the Indian soldiers to free Sudan, the then Sudanese government gifted India £100,000.

The money was utilised in making the NDA. As a token of respect, the main building is called Sudan Block.

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12. Not just Indians, cadets from 28 countries receive training at the NDA.

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13. There is a table in the Cadets Mess of the NDA which is forever empty. A chair rests next to it in remembrance of the alumni who are listed as 'Missing in Action' or were taken as 'Prisoners of War'.

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14. It is compulsory for Officers of the Gorkha Regiments to learn the language of the Gorkhas so as to interact with them in their native language.

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Apart from victories on the battlefield, the Indian Army has successfully won our hearts. Time and again.