Trust our Indian netas to say the most random stuff ever. When they’re not watching porn, disrupting parliament or hurling abuse at each other, they give quotable quotes.

Now more often than not, these quotes are politically correct. But there are times when our Indian politicians say something memorable.

Like when Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley ended up saying this.

The Times Of India

Now we know what sense you said it in, Mr. Jaitley. It’s just that you could’ve used another term, say ‘homemaker’ for example maybe?

But too bad you didn’t. Sigh! You could’ve been our very own success meme.

Mr. Jaitley had said this in the context of ‘One rank One pension’ scheme asserting that annual revisions in pension don’t happen anywhere in the world.

It’s okay Mr. Jaitley. Better luck next time.