So there’s this really, really cute guy/girl. You’ve been watching them for ever now, and you’re madly in love with everything they do. But you’re just going to wait a little longer, because what if they’re not into you? What if they say no? You’re playing safe because you’re scared of what would happen. But here’s the thing. Unless you let your fears go, things aren’t going to get any better.

Here’s why you should just make your move already!

1. Because everyone knows you’re into them.

Every single one of your friends has seen/heard you going gaga over them. Save them the trouble and ask him/her out already!

2. Maybe, they’re into you too!

Imagine finding out later, that they were totally into you and were too scared to ask. That sucks.

3. It’s better than living in that constant suspense.

Would they say yes? Would they say no? Would it last? Just ask!

4. You’re going to regret it if they start seeing someone else.

There’s only so much another person will wait around for you. Especially if they don’t even know you’re into them!

5. You deserve your happiness!

In all the overthinking you’re doing, you forget your own self. Ask them out because you like them, and want to! It’s a good enough reason.

6. You have nothing to lose.

Either they will say yes, or they’ll say no. Either way, you have a clear answer. You don’t have to wrack your brains over it anymore, and eventually move on.

7. What’s the worst that could happen?

You’ll end up being the butt of everyone’s jokes for a few days. It’s no big deal. People forget things very fast. Before long, it’ll all be a thing of past and you’ll be able to laugh it off.

8. It might turn out to be the best decision ever.

No one can deny the freak chance that this is the relationship you’ve been waiting for all your life. Maybe this one is The One! You’ll never know what you’re missing out if you don’t ask.

9. Whatever the consequences, you’ll be wiser for it.

Maybe you’ll end up being together forever. Maybe you’ll be heartbroken in the end. Either ways, you’ll come out wiser for all the experience.

10. You’ll be glad you did.

Years from now, it’ll make for a good story. Besides, you’ll know what to do next time you’re out shopping for a partner.

11. You will get to know your crush better.

One conversation could lead to many more in future. Think about the possibilities!

12. Waiting for them to make the first move is overrated.

You want this for yourself, and you’re clear about it. For all you know, they’re waiting for a signal too. Forget about social conventions and just make the move.

13. It’s the only way to find out if you even stand a chance.

Unless you have been gifted with superpowers, it’s fairly likely that you can’t read your crush’s mind. The only way to figure out whether they like you or not, is to just take the plunge and ask!

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What are you waiting for? Just ask them out already!