Wild and free. It’s pretty much how we define ourselves when we’re young. But, are we really? How often do we truly feel awesome about the life that we’re leading? Are we doing enough to achieve whatever we really want? Where are we going?

Most of us ask ourselves these questions but only when it’s too late to seek answers. So, how about we ask ourselves these 30 questions while we’re still ringing the youth bell?

1. Why am I doing/have done this course? Is/Was it really worth my time?

2. Should I smoke and party all the time just because my friends do?

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3. Is the person I’m dating worth my time?

4. Do I give myself enough time?

5. Are my parents right? Can they be wrong?

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6. Do I spend enough time with my parents?

7. What kind of a person am I to my friends?

8. Am I a different person in front of different people?

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9. Do I know myself enough?

10. Do I think enough about my career?

11. How much does money matter to me?

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12. Do I have a bucket list of things I want to do?

13. Is this what I want to do with my life?

14. Am I in the right profession?

It maybe the ‘right’ one according to the world, but is it the right one for you?


15. Have I really explored enough?

16. Do I really need that expensive phone?

17. Am I fit and healthy?

More like, do I care about my health enough?

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18. Do I work hard enough?

19. Am I challenging myself to do better with each passing day?

20. Am I following my dreams?

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21. How am I doing at the end of each day?

At the end of the day, how do I feel? Am I happy, sad, complacent, satisfied, what?

22. Do I use my time or do I waste it?

23. What is it that I want most in life? Do I have a plan to get it?

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24. Am I saving enough money?

25. Should I get back to studies?

26. Am I ready for marriage/ commitment?

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27. Do I have people to fall back on?

28. Am I doing enough for my parents?

29. Am I really happy?

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30. If I were to live my life all over again, what would I change?

Life is ultimately about finding answers to all of these and being at peace with yourself. It’s your journey. Take the road you want to travel. Fight all your fears. Learn.

Live for the experience and waltz ahead no matter what.