Are you an Aries woman? If yes, then chances are that you will be sexually assaulted in the bathroom. Capricorn? Beware of your father, mother and colleagues, for they might be the ones to assault you.

Confused? This Bangalore-based astrologer will clear all your confusion.

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Sachchidananda Babu predicts how women could be sexually abused based on their zodiac signs. Yes, you read that right. Not only this, he also recommends mantras to protect women from being abused or even raped!

And Babu’s show – which airs on national television – has many loyal viewers. On the show, he explains how, at what age and location a woman might get molested at. Crazy, right?

So, a Sagittarius women may be sexually assaulted between 60 and 64 years, while a Cancerian woman has similar chances when she is between the age of 40 and 43 years at her workplace. The Aquarian woman might be raped by her brother-in-law and the Scorpion woman has a good chance of being molested by her husband’s friends.

Isn’t it ironical how instead of finding ways of how men don’t molest women, our astrologers are busy finding out when and where women will be raped?

H/T: Deccan Chronicle