Teenage is considered as the best phase in one’s life, but the truth is that it isn’t even half as glamorous as it is made out to be. Neither is it like High School Musical with you ending up with your high school crush, nor is it like Gippi with a backbencher suddenly rising to fame and becoming the head girl of the school. If there is something that is common between teenage and movies, it is just the fast pace that both move at.


All of us teenagers would identify with tears rolling down our eyes for no real reason, sudden outbursts of rage, probably capsuled for as long as you can remember. Also, backbiting friends and judgemental pricks sewed like buttons on your shirt are all too common. Puzzled with questions with no one to answer them, finding a few close friends who give you their shoulder to cry on is your ultimate goal. Yes, that’s what teenage really is.


Every best friend seems like the one that’s going to last forever, but doesn’t. Parents deem everything that’s said or done to be a ‘phase’ or ‘hormonal changes.’ It seems like your relationship with them won’t ever go beyond, “How much did you score in Maths?” or “No, you can’t go there.”

Butterflies make home in our stomach when we see our crush, but no one ever has the courage to go to the person and simply talk. Is it worth the tears? Not really. Do we care about that? Not so much. If it isn’t the tears, it’s the silence that slowly eats you.

The constant urge to prove oneself, to get better grades, become slimmer, maybe even popular seems like the ultimate life goal. More so, when that person who is the envy of everyone, gets good grades, is liked by all and has the perfect figure.

The real challenge is to get up every day and say, “Hey, I’m not so bad after all!”

If I actually look at it, I’m not too bad. I may not be a topper, but I work very hard and manage to get decent grades. No, I can’t dance, but I can paint. I may not be popular, but I have at least 4 friends I can count on. Isn’t that all I need to be happy? I think, I’d rather be happy the way I am, for who I am.

Sure, teenage is a tricky phase and there’s a lot you want to do and catch up on, but hey! Relax. It’s not a race. And you’re not alone in this. So, live it to the fullest while it lasts!