It is not like you need a stick of kajal or a tube of lip color to be your beautiful self. But there are times when you want to invest some time and groom yourself. Applying makeup using the right method and choosing the right products becomes important then. Here are some things you should exclude if you want to avoid looking older than you actually are :

1. Using blush in dark shades or a matte finish

LLB Makeup recommends wearing blush in bright and sheer colors which complement your skin tone. Wearing matte finish, dark shades make one look older. Read here for tips to apply blush.


2. Using brown eyeshadows

Brown and beige eyeshadows will highlight the tired lines. On the other hand, opting for shimmering mauves will make your eyes look brighter according to Total Beauty . Read here for tips to apply eyeshadow.

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3. Avoiding tightlining your eyes

Eyelashes grow thinner with age. And wearing false ones are not the ideal solution. Tightlining can help your eyes look wonderfully young in no time at all! Read here for tips to apply eyeshadow.

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4. Applying mascara on lower lashes

Applying mascara to your upper eyes give you a refreshed look instantly. On the other hand, the same mascara when applied on the lower lashes can enhance the lines and wrinkles around your eyes according to Women’s life . Read here for tips to apply mascara.


5. Using black eyeliners and mascara

Black eyeliners and mascara tend to standout in comparison to shades of brown which will blend with your skin tone, giving a healthy, young look.

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6. Drawing sharp and precise lines with your eyeliner

The trick to getting your eyeliner right is to make softer lines which give you a more natural and younger look. Read here for tips to apply eyeliner.

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7. Using dark shades of eyeliner on the lower lid of your eye

Applying dark shades of eyeliner on the lower lids of your eyes can make your eyes look small and tired. Instead of opting for browns and blacks, opt for whites or nudes to line the lower lid of your eyes and you’ll see the difference!

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8. Using way too much foundation

Applying more foundation than required will not help. Instead of concealing fine lines and blemishes, it will end up giving a flaky and haggard look. Read here for tips to apply foundation.

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9. Using the wrong shade of foundation

Using a foundation which does not match your skin tone can make you look ghastly. It is very important to choose a shade which can blend easily with your skin and cover the problem areas. Read here for tips to select the right foundation.

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10. Applying face powder generously all over your face

Using too much face powder can rob your skin of some necessary moisture. Total Beauty recommends wearing some loose powder on your chin and nose, only if you absolutely have to.


11. Shaping your eyebrows extra thin

Natural-looking, thick eyebrows help you look younger. So avoid over-plucking at all costs.

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12. Not filling the bald patches in your eyebrows

Yes, eyebrows grow thinner as we age. So it is an excellent idea to use an eyebrow pencil on your brows to avoid looking older. Read here for tips.


13. Letting your eyelids sag by not using an eyelash curler

Curling your eyelashes can give you that fresh look and a confidence to flutter your eyelids. Read here for tips.

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14. Using dark shades of lip color

According to LLB Makeup, bright shades of lip color will help increase the facial contrast, making you look younger. Hence one should opt for pinks and beiges, in bright shades and avoid plums and deep reds. Read here for tips to choosing the right lip color.

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15. Applying lip color without prepping your lips

Lips which look chapped beneath a layer of lipstick is the most unpleasant thing. It is important to nurture your lips before you attempt to lend color to them. Read here for tips to applying lip color.


So ladies, when you use makeup, make sure you do it right!