There are two kinds of CPUs in this world – the boring mass-market boxes that you’ll find everywhere and the beastly custom works of art that you’ll find only in a true gamer’s den. Fortunately for you, I’ve been snooping around the internet (with my jaw on the floor) for the latter. And here are 12 of the most drop-dead sexy ones:

1. This awesome black cabinet that is both a beauty and a beast.

Crafted by Evatech, the Ragnarok Intel X99 is one hell of a gaming machine. The beating heart of this powerhouse of a CPU is a 3.3Ghz Intel Haswell i7 5820K processor which possesses hyper-threading technology , packs 15MB of cache and has whopping 28 PCIe 3.0 lanes. The chip rocks a 3.3GHz base clock speed that can be ramped up to 3.6GHz when additional oomph is required.

Source: EvaTech

2. This time ticking masterpiece.

You certainly wouldn’t want to take this through the airport security. The Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) by Peter Dickison might just look like a compact nuclear device but is actually a power-packed gaming CPU that’s set in a custom liquid-cooled casing of an atomic bomb.

Source: Bit-Tech

3. This neon work of art that can run high-end games without breaking a sweat.

Constructed in a sleek arctic white cabinet and studded with neon LEDs, this custom beast boasts of an Intel i7 5820k processor that has 6 cores and a 12-way multitasking capability. And add to it the enormous space of 4 1TB HDDs and a 250GB SDD. I think that’s enough. I can already see you drooling.

Source: Jonathan Tuazon

4. This custom rig which you will obviously mistake for a mini data center.

Come on, I know you did. Standing over a foot tall, this gigantic custom CPU is no less than a wonder gaming machine. However, the cost to assemble this CPU will hit you really hard. But may be not as hard as bullet while playing the latest version of Call of Duty.

Source: Overclock

5. This CPU that’s a treasure for a true gamer.

Built like a treaure box, Phase III by Chris Cook has an optical drive & a high-end cooling system. What’s more, the front panel of this crazy beast includes a Thermaltake reservoir and flow meter, as well as a fan and temperature monitor LCD that tracks the temprature of both the coolant and the motherboard.

Source: MaximumPC

6. This super gaming rig that’s inspired by Superman.

Created by famous PC modder MegaSkot, this custom rig is powered by an Intel i7-5820K processor, two GTX 970′s in SLI, 16GB of memory and 500GB of solid state flash storage. The whole PC is water-cooled and certainly looks like something from Superman’s arctic Fortress of Solitude, and even includes memory crystals like those used in the movies.

Source: Wall Street National

7. The hot gaming rig that stays cool even while running the most graphic intensive games.

Along with an Intel i7-4790K processor and 16 GB of DDR3 RAM, this brute gaming machine has a gorgeous water-cooled system that keeps the overheating in control.

Source: Wall Street National

8. This one that comes straight out of Tony Stark’s lab.

The Iron Man Parvum by Dan Woods is as cool as it looks. And why wouldn’t it be? A state-of-the-art water-cooling system makes sure that even at even while playing the most graphic heavy games the CPU doesn’t overheat. Did I forget to mention about the 6 core Intel i7 4790 processor?

Source: Bit-Tech

9. This custom rig inspired by Fallout 3.

This one might not be as powerful as the others but it surely makes up for it in the looks department. Crafted in a Bitfenix Prodigy case, the Vault Boy mod by Alex posses an Intel i5 3570K processor, a super-fast 256GB SSD and two 4GB RAMs.

Source: Overclock

10. This custom rig that will rule the seven kingdoms.

This CPU has to be one of the hottest of the lot. Not because it’s GOT inspired but because… Actually yeah, because it is GOT inspired. Just kidding. This crazy rig from Westeros is power-packed with an Intel i7 processor, two 8GB RAMs and multi-graphic card setup.

Source: Forbes

11. This glow-in-the-dark gaming wonder machine.

If the neon accents aren’t enough to make you drool, this rig has a separate state-of-the-art cooling system just for the microprocessor.

Source: Forbes

12. This neon gaming cockpit that will make you drool.

Raz3r D3sk by Peter Brands, is actually one setup that comprises of two separate PCs! Both of which are powered by overclocked versions of Intel Core i7-4770K processors.

Source: Forbes

Beauties like these continue to convince me that selling off a kidney to create one is not a bad idea. Actually, both of them for that matter. But if you are interested in staying whole and yet want a nice custom build for yourself, try getting one through Intel #MyPCMyPride.

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