A father is every son’s first hero and every daughter’s first love. That in itself is proof that your father is an awesome person and he deserves a medal. He brought you into this world and has done everything in his power to make your life better. He has kept the family together and stayed strong against all odds. In fact, the list of things each of our fathers does for us is endless and for each of these things they deserve a round of applause!

Here are 15 reasons to salute our dads for being so awesome!

1. From your first toy to your first pocket money, he is the man to thank for!

2. When your mother was looking after you, he was looking after both of you.

3. Whenever your mother says no, he’s always been the go-to man.

Whether she is angry with you or just in a bad mood, your father is the person you always run to!

4. When you’re in trouble, be it emotional or financial, he’s the first person you want to call.

He might get angry with you and sometimes you may not go to him, but in reality he is the most practical counselor you can ask for!


5. Most of us got our first walking, talking, cycling and study lessons from our dads!

He slowed himself down for our baby steps to keep up, made us mug those endless math-tables and held our bicycles before we rode off.

6. He took us on countless piggy back and horse back rides as kids without complaining!


7. He has often put his work aside to attend your sports day, annual day, etc. just to make you happy!


8. When we are at our lowest, no one can motivate us the way our dads can.

His guidance is forever available and effective because he knows our potential and accepts our mistakes.


9. He will criticize us and scold us, but he does it for our own good.

At the end of the day, who knows you better than your own father? He gets angry only because he expects more from you!

10. We’ve always lived in the assurance that he will always be there for us.

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11. Some of us have been lucky enough to share our first drink with him!

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12. Whether it’s a quick adventure trip or a little cycle race down the block, he is up for all the fun things our mother isn’t.

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13. He is proud of whatever we do even if he doesn’t say so.

He may disagree with us, but we know he’s proud of us no matter what.

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14. We never know about his problems but he would always know about ours!

He appears rock-solid to us even if he is feeling miserable inside!

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15. Behind all the bravado, he is a sensitive person who understands us better than anybody else.

We know we can always have heartfelt conversations with him!

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For each one of us, our father is a role model, a friend and a hero. Let us all thank our dads for their unconditional love and support without which life would’ve been unimaginable!