They say you only know the value of something when it is taken away from you. This couldn’t have been truer about our motherland. We Indians go gaga about going abroad, but we terribly miss India once we start living elsewhere. Life offers many opportunities there but nothing can beat the feeling that you get when you smell apni mitti ki khushbu and hear the mad honking on the roads.

Here are a few things that happen when you move base back to India.

1. The flight back home gives you goosebumps because there is no feeling like going back to the place you belong.

2. Suddenly you don’t seem to mind the traffic chaos and pollution because you finally feel at home.

These things might’ve been annoying earlier but you know you’ve missed them.


3. You bargain like a pro with the autowaala and realise how much you’ve missed doing these things!

You feel so much at home. Literally!


4. You are suddenly treated like a celebrity. Even random relatives pamper you.

Your parents’ happiness knows no bounds.

5. Everybody expects some sort of gift from you.

“Humare liye kya laaye ho didi?”

6. People have never been more interested about your life.

7. Even though you’re loving every bit of what you see, you can’t help becoming a cleanliness freak.

People pissing on the road annoys you to the core.


8. The feeling you get when you have thela chai and spicy food at a dhaba is unexplainable.

And don’t even get me started on maa ke haath ka khaana.


9. Seeing your home and your neighbourhood gives you a flashback of memories and leaves you in tears.

10. Finally coming back to the culture and diversity you are so proud of feels amazing.

You make sure that you enjoy festivals to the fullest.

11. Revisiting all your childhood addas with your friends is so relaxing.

You might’ve made friends abroad but deep down, you always knew that they’d never become as close as your childhood friends.

12. MC and BC suddenly sound poetic.

Swearing in English just doesn’t feel the same.

13. You can finally splurge on things without having to worry about the expenses.

You are glad that India is so much more cheaper.

14. People really dig your accent.

And you don’t mind that one bit!

15. At the end of the day, you’re so glad you’re back because nothing can beat the feeling you get of being in your motherland.

Living abroad has taught you a lot, but you have finally realised that money can’t buy happiness!

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