“Aage se right lekar, round about se left. Bas fir second right ke baad pehla left, aur fir right. Theek hai?”

“Umm. Kyaaaaa?”

If you can relate to this, welcome to the club, for you are not the only one. Some people have an elephant’s memory when it comes to directions, while there are others like us whose sense of direction has only been going south. For us, reaching our destination is tougher than solving a Mathematics equation – no matter how hard we try or how much time we spend on it, it never happens without taking help from someone. Here are 14 things only people with a terrible sense of direction will be able to relate to.

1. Being lost is second nature for you.

2. You cannot reach any destination without asking someone for directions.

3. …because you somehow trust random strangers on the road more than yourself.

4. If their instructions are more than a sentence, this is how you feel…

5. Which is why Google Maps is your best friend.

6. On the other hand, you have no damn clue about how to read a real map.

7. You have no idea where North or East is.

Or for that matter, even South or West.

8. You may have a GPS in your car, but you somehow still manage to get lost.

9. You have to go to a place at least 3-4 times before you are sure of the route.

And even then, it’s not guaranteed.

10. If you have to go to a new place, you’re always the last one to reach.

After asking several people on the road and making tonnes of phone calls asking for directions.

11. Shortcuts give you the jitters.

12. When you are driving, you cannot multi-task.

You get distracted even if your friends talk or play music.

13. The only place whose directions you remember correctly is home.

14. And even that becomes a joke when you are drunk.

Thank God for smartphones!

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