Believe it or not, everyone gets as affected by bad hair day as the other. In fact studies claim that every woman, on an average, suffers at least 20 years of bad hair days collectively. The horror is so much that some women in US invest 1/7 th of their salary to ward off a bad-hair day… Naaa… We are exaggerating! But here we get you the truest thoughts that go through any person’s mind when dealing with a bad hair day conundrum!

1. I wish I had trained it: Down boy! Down.

2. I hope I do not run into that cute guy next door. Oh damn! He is working out on the balcony! F%&*

3. Did I always have so much of scalp?

4. What is that hair-band/head wrap thing that those gypsy women do?

5. Should I just go back to bed? Is that an option?

6. Will this bright lip color/eye make-up distract everyone from this medusa-sque look?


8. Did I have to inherit my broad/small/uneven/unwanted forehead from my parents? I hate heredity!

9. Dear hair, I promise to put conditioner on you every single time. Please look better!

10. Will a little bit of this oil/gel help?

11. You know, I can call it my new sexy bed-head look.

12. Gosh, but it looks like a homeless family rented out my head for a night of camping & decided to never leave!

13. I hate this world and those awful pillow sheets.

14. I will never-ever live this down!

15. I bet Katrina would have never landed Ranbir if she had hair like this!

16. Time to bring out that expensive hair spray.

17. Oh F&*% F*%& F&%$#! Now it’s even worse!

18. Ok, hold on, let me just search for a good styling video on YouTube & try to end this.

19. Sigh! Guess my world-domination plan will have to wait till another day.