Unless you decide to live your entire life with your parents, there will come a time when you’ll have to live with a complete stranger. Sometimes, it ends well and you become best friends. But if you are unlucky, a bad roommate enters your life and your peace of mind jumps right out of the window. And before you know it, your life becomes a living hell.

If your roommate is showing these 11 signs, it’s time you turn 180 degrees and run.

1. They think used dishes will magically clean themselves when left for weeks. Hello mold and smelly kitchen!


2. They don’t do their laundry for days and leave their dirty, stinking clothes and underclothes all over the house.


3. You’re always running out of grocery and money, because they use everything and never once shop for grocery.

4. They have their friends over all the time and play really loud music.

5. The bathroom is never free for you. They never leave any hot water for you. But they always leave their hair lying around. EVERYWHERE.

6. They shamelessly use your phone, and borrow your clothes without your permission.

7. You saved a slice of pizza in the fridge last night to have for breakfast. BUT your roommate ate it.

8. They always forget to switch the lights off. They leave all the appliances on. And then they blame you for high electric bills.

9. They drink up all the chilled water in the refrigerator and never re-fill the bottles. So, there’s never any left for you.

10. They can’t stop talking about either how great their life is or crying about how much it sucks. Either way, you stay up the whole night listening.

11. They get jealous of your friends when they are over and try to make it apparent by serving them spoiled food.

And FYI, if these are things you have been doing, then you are being a real pain in someone’s rear.