It’s a tough life being in the army. One needs all the motivation one can have. And as it turns out, the Indian Army is quite bad-ass when it comes to keeping its jawaans motivated. Here are 13 super cool signboards, banners and hoardings by the Indian army:

1. Indian army at its Dabangg best.

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2. This one is worth straining your eyes.

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3. This one seems to be inspired by the Bhagavad Gita.

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4. We know you do your best, always.

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5. You have been warned!

Source: democraticpaper

6. Screaming out, loud and proud.

Source: financialexpress

7. Who says Indian Army doesn’t have a sense of humour?

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8. Drink, Fight, Kill, Repeat.

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9. Impossible is nothing!

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10. Because every Indian citizen is a family member.

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11. Just so you know…

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12. When everything else fails.

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13. Will you dare to enter?

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We’ve never really needed a reason to love the Indian Army but these 13 hoardings show how awesome the guardians of our borders are. This is just too awesome!