It has been three decades since USA and Iran have not seen eye to eye, but a recent post of an Iranian father-son duo by the Humans of New York page had even President Barack Obama pour his heart out.

Brandon Stranton, the man behind the HONY Facebook page, is in Iran these days. As always, he’s been capturing beautiful photographs of the common people and has been posting them on his page along with first-hand account of their thoughts, experiences and feelings in life.Recently, he posted a picture of a 10-year-old Iranian boy along with his father, who spoke proudly about his son’s compassionate acts.

The post became instantly popular among the masses, so much so that it drew the attention of the world’s most powerful man, USA President Barack Obama, who had this to say:

In a world that is burning with each passing day, kids like this are a ray of sunshine. We need more such humanitarians!