The bathroom is a place we all visit on regular basis. Whether it is to answer nature’s call or just freshen up, we somehow end up developing a special relationship with our bathrooms. It does not question us even despite all the shit we give, and helps us clean up and unwind. There is no other place on earth where we can find so much peace with nobody to bother us.

Here are 21 reasons why your bathroom is the best place in the world:

1. You can think of all your problems in there

Whether you are sitting, showering or brushing your teeth: “Maybe I should do this… or maybe… no… well I can actually…”

2. You get some time for yourself

“I think the only person I can have a decent debate with is me.”

3. All your worries are left behind

“I wish my whole life was a hot long shower.”

4. It is like your castle and you are the king

“No one interrupt. Give me the shampoo mic, I am going to give the performance of a lifetime.”

5. You can reflect on the things that have gone by

“Damn! I should have said that and I would never have been caught.”

6. You can read anything you want without anyone disturbing

The the only place where you can read Twilight without being judged. F**k! Bella almost died!”

7. It can be your hiding place

“I hate having these relatives over, may be I can just stay here till they leave.”

8. You can still do your kiddish things

“After I’m done playing with bubbles, I’ll pee in the shower. No one will ever know I still do this.”

9. You can rehearse what you have to say or do later

“Yes ma’am, I swear my dog ate it and I redid it but I guess he was still hungry.”

10. Talking to yourself in the mirror is not a big deal

“Aah. So we meet again!”

11. You can break all the high scores on your phone

“Candy Crush, I shall crush you tonight.”

12. You can let your creativity flow

“To see or not to see. Shakespeare was lucky he was born before me.”

13. It’s the one place where sometimes you can just do nothing

Who needs a hammock to unwind?

14. You can come up with new ideas

“I need to dump that shit-ty idea and brainstorm with myself some more.”

15. You can formulate plans for the future while bathing

“I think I’ll settle down in Sweden. The loos there are awesome.”

16. You can organise your to-do list when you’re taking a dump

“I might as well jot down what I’m supposed to do before I flush it out and forget.”

17. It is the perfect place to check your mails and social media

“Wow! She’s uploaded a new photo!”

18. You can do things you can’t do outside

“I feel like crying but a smoke is probably the better option.”

19. You can take a small nap without anyone noticing

“Mom thinks she wakes me up at 7.30 but I actually wake up at 8.”

20. All your private conversations remain private in here

“Hey, I told my mom I’m staying over at your place tomorrow. She will call you in a minute.” *flush and walk out like a boss*

21. You can also do that thing you do

If you know what I mean!

A bathroom isn’t just a bathroom. It is your own little world where you get away from everything and literally do anything you want to without anyone judging or watching. It helps you disconnect from the world and transports you into your very own personal paradigm.