"There ain't no other, than that blues brother." - Mr. B.B. King

B.B. King, one of the last remaining greats of the Blues world, passed away at the age of 89. Not much of a surprise considering he was in pretty bad shape, but still a gut wrenching fact to swallow. Very few people could make you fall in love with one bend of a guitar string, and B.B. was one of those people. He claimed he never used the word 'retire', and even though his body may have gone, his soul will doubtless live on.

Here's a little tribute.

Sweet Little Angel, 1983

Caldonia, 1985

Let The Good Times Roll, 1989

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss, 1960

Rock Me Baby, 1980

Sweet Sixteen, 1960

Riding With The King, 2000

Got My Mojo Working, 1977

You Shook Me, 1993

Lucille, 1968

The Thrill Is Gone, 1969

Although he'll still live on, the thrill is gone.