Every listicle ever written is targeted at a certain type of people: ones with curly hair, short guys, GOT fans, Bollywood buffs, Beliebers… the list is endless. But here is an article that applies to every single person who is able to read this.

Busy with our everyday lives, it is very normal to forget the things that we have and complain about things that we don’t. So here’s a reminder about 10 basic things all of us should be very grateful for:

1. Well if you can read this, it means you’re educated.

25.95 % India is illiterate. So be grateful.


2. If you’re reading this, it also means you can afford a phone or a laptop.

21.9 % of India lives below the poverty line.


3. It also means you have internet.

Only 20% of India has access to internet.


4. What good is a laptop and internet if you don’t have electricity.

26% of India still doesn’t have electricity.


5. Money means you can afford 3 square meals a day.

Did you know over 200 million Indians go to bed hungry every night.


6. Water.

780 million people lack access to any improved water source, while 2.5 billion people do not benefit from proper sanitation.


7. Money also means you have 4 walls around you and a roof above you.

1.77 million people in our country are homeless.


8. If you have money, chances are that you’re employed (or studying).

39 million people in India are unemployed.


9. Which means you also have friends in the form or colleagues or classmates.

Be grateful for company.


10. And the greatest gift of them all: life.

Be glad you’re alive…


Long story short, be grateful for everything you have!