Most of us treat work as a part of the everyday monotone, like a routine without an option. But when one loves what one does, new avenues of creativity and expression open up, no matter how difficult that might be. More importantly, you enjoy it! Vineeth Vincent is one person who chose to do what he loves, despite the struggle.

“When you do something, do it with style. More importantly, do it with honour.” That’s what Vineeth Vincent has to say.

The Bangalore-based Beat Boxer believes in hard and smart work. “Not everyone is born with a silver spoon,” he says. Vineeth has performed in more than 1,100 shows and says that “the stage is his comfort zone.” The talent is a former Guinness world record holder and a Beat Boxing sensation in India. Apart from Beat Boxing, h e also hosts shows/events and works as a part of a few start ups. And if you like Beat Boxing, you’ll love him.

Check it out:

Wasn’t that great? The young performer is like any average guy, with extraordinary dreams and with the will to do it. Beat boxing and singing around the city, he deals with his problems by “laughing at them.”

The key is belief in yourself and the hard work to back it up. That’s what the guy believes in. Urban Talkies has made their first video giving tribute to the Tamil talent. He ends this video with an inspiring message.

“Do it because you can, not because you have to. Do it because you have the God given ability to wake up every morning and be phenomenal. You owe it to yourself to realize that you are beautiful. Remind yourself, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it!”

Here, watch the video:

Making music and chasing dreams. I’ll be sure to catch a performance by this talent soon. Make sure you’re there too!