Chantelle Ward , a 20-year-old girl from South Tyneside in United Kingdom, was permanently disfigured when her boyfriend bit off her upper lip after she refused to kiss him. The images are a proof that what she went through, was no easy ordeal.

Disclaimer: Contains graphic images inside.


Writhing in pain and with a permanent reminder of her abuse, this lady was not ready to succumb to her abuser, and give him the satisfaction of having permanently dulled her spirit. Chantelle , who had dreamt of modelling ever since she was a young girl, entered herself for the Top Model Of England Pageant. She wanted to prove that what happened to her does not define her, and that one does not need a pretty face to win.


Her ex-boyfriend is now serving 8 years in jail, while she is inspiring and encouraging people around the world with her story.

A great inspiration for many people out there. We are proud of you, woman!