There are a million reasons why beer drinkers are awesome. Firstly, they drink beer. The others, are as follows;

1. We can’t be slotted.

We’re not teetotalers, and we’re not alcoholics. Nobody can judge us!

2. We are a lively bunch.

3. We have a deep bond of brotherhood.

We’re an honourable bunch of fellas. We live and die by the Bud-Code.

4. Football is so much more awesome with beer!

A lot of sports bars would go out of business if it weren’t for football, beer and yours truly.

5.  Beer drinkers are much more likely to buy each other a drink.

It’s not a big deal for us really. For us, it’s like social service.

6. Our tables are the noisiest and the funniest.

Like a bunch of Viking warriors, no less.

7. Because some beer and a sense of humour can get you a long way.

Aww yeah.

8. We count both the young and the old among our ranks.

9. Beer is the only drink that is actually good for you.

A beer a day keeps them kidney stones away!

10. Because if you’re a beer drinker, you always know that just around the corner, great times are waiting.