Every woman has a set ritual she follows before heading out. It isn’t compulsory, but it sure as hell isn’t “optional.” It has to be done. It’s the only way we feel sorted for the day. We just can’t do without doing these things. Things like;

1. As soon as we wake up, it’s straight to the mirror.

My face, OMG!

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2. Quickly down a glass or two of water.

Because our mums always advised us not to leave the house without drinking water.

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3. After a luxurious bath, it’s kajal time.

Ask any girl and she’ll tell you, one feels naked without kajal.

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4. When in doubt, moisturise.

In winters, it’s usually a nourishing lotion that keeps our skin hydrated and in the summer, it’s a non-oily sunscreen. The three tenets of flawless skin: Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise.

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5. Wear a pair of earrings that enhances our outfit.

A good pair of earrings is the perfect accessory. If a woman flaunts the right pair, she really doesn’t need anything else.

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6. Dabbing the lips with some chap-stick.

A good chap-stick works wonders. A little dab is all that’s required for healthy looking lips. Besides, who wants to be caught with a glowing face but grey, chapped lips? Not me.

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7. We also brush out the knots in our hair.

Irrespective of whether we are tying it up or leaving it open, whether we have long hair or short, we make sure our hair is devoid of all knots before we step out.

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8. Dab our favourite perfume on all our pulse points.

On the wrist, near the elbow, behind the ear, behind the knees and of course on the neck! We also often spray a little in the air and jump right through. #TrueStory

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9. Make sure the smart phone is completely charged.

And if it’s not, we make sure to carry a power bank or a spare charger.

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10. We check our handbag for essentials.

Making sure we’ve taken the wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss, house keys and a handy perfume. If taking on the day is like going to war, then our handbag is our armoury.

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11. Check our wallet for cash and credit cards.

More money, no problems! (Notorious B.I.G had it wrong all along.)

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12. We match our watches to our outfits.

If you haven’t noticed, a girl’s watch almost always matches her outfit. That’s why we leave this task till the end.

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13. Check the mirror one last time before stepping out.

We HAVE to see ourselves in the mirror for one last time before stepping out to make sure everything is in order. No two ways about that.

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14. Last but not the least, we smile.

Because nothing screams confidence like a dazzling smile!

Speaking of a dazzling smile, do check this out!


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