College is over and you have a bright future in front of you. But hold up just a second. Before you take that inevitable leap into a lifetime of fixed timings, paper-work and daily commutes, pause for a second and think about what you would want to do prior to that. Because once you start working, it is almost impossible to change gears and try something else. Why don’t you;

1. Take a long trip with your closest friends.

Because once you start working, in addition to saving money, you’ll also have to save up days.


2. Learn something new.

Learn Japanese. Or how to jive. Or learn how to cook a proper meal for the family. Learn something . Anything.


3. Take a trip around the world.

Yeah, you’ll probably have more money to do this later. But you’re never gonna get the time.


4. Run a marathon.

Or a triathlon. Or even the Iron Man Race. Push yourself to your physical limits. You’ll appreciate it later.


5. Take some time off to help people.

And don’t restrict it to donations. Volunteer at an orphanage or help out at an old age home. There are so many ways you can help.


6. Make your hobby your passion.

Whether it’s learning the guitar or painting. But do it wholeheartedly. Because you never really know how good you might be.


7. Spend some time alone in the hills.

No, seriously. There’s nothing like being alone in the bosom of nature. It’s the the perfect thing to clear your head before you get into the grind.


8. Try a dish you wouldn’t normally even think about eating.

Yes. I’m talking about something like snake whiskey. No, go on. Go for it.


9. Go backpacking around the country.

Just grab a bag, stick a thumb out and hitchhike on a truck. Yes. Definitely hitchhike.


10. Conquer your biggest fear.

Whatever it may be. The fear of heights, the fear of public speaking, the fear of travelling alone. Take the leap.


Live your life to the fullest. And whenever you’re presented with a situation that has you choose between the so called “safe” route and the slightly tougher yet infinitely more rewarding “fun” route, you know what to do. Why say “why” when you can say #WhyNot .

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