As women, we have always been taught what to do, where to go and basically, how to live our lives since forever now. How many times have we heard, ‘Act like a lady!’ from our parents and elders? Sometimes, even total strangers seem to say it to us. Come to think of it, what does it even mean?

If you constantly get flak for not ‘acting like a lady’, this one is for you. Here are 11 signs you are not good at ‘acting like a lady’, and shouldn’t even bother to try…

1. You can’t put together a suit and a dupatta without looking like a clown


2. Your ABC starts with MC and BC

3. You drink way more than what is considered ‘ladylike’

4. When you walk in heels, this is what happens


5. Forget the calorie count, you eat like a cow when you are hungry

Aaloo paranthe, aan do!

6. Kajal is perhaps the only make-up item you own. If you try anything else, you look like this…

7. You actually dance like no one is watching

8. You hate being lovey dovey

Instead of coochie coo , you’d rather say ‘eat my poo’. *Hides face*

9. Dressing up according to set ‘beauty’ standards is a daily struggle

10. You don’t understand phrases like “Cross your legs and sit properly” and “Walk like a woman”

11. No matter how hard you try to fit in, you can’t help but stand out

So guys let us calm down a little with the ‘rules’, and let women just be.

Ladies, not acting according to rules set up by the society doesn’t make you any less of a woman. Cheers to you!

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