We all have different types of people in our friend group – Tiffin waala friend, party karwaane waala friend, ghar drop karne waala friend and so on. Some of us like to be carefree, while some of us choose to be the responsible one in our group. Being the mature one comes with added responsibilities. Making sure everybody is dropped home safely and covering up for their lies is a task in itself and deserves to be appreciated. Here are 11 signs that you’ll relate to if you are the mature one in your group.

1. Dropping everybody home safely is always your responsibility.

2. Your friends always ask you to ‘loosen up.’

3. Your friends come up to you for any kind of advice, be it relationships or career.

4. You are their good old reality-check meter.

5. Anything related to money is by default dealt by you.

6. Your friends’ parents trust you more than they trust their kids.

They’ll let their kids go for any trip/party if you’re also going!

7. You are the one who usually arranges all meetings and coordinates with everybody.

8. You remember all the times your friends got into trouble. And when they look like repeating something, you remind them.

Your memory sometimes freaks them out.

9. Vacations are a task. You have to take care of all the arrangements as well as your drunk friends.

10. When someone gets into trouble, you are the first person they call.

Not because you can always solve it, but you’ll always know what the right thing to do is.

11. They have saved you from many a drunken embarrassing stories.

Feature Image: imgkid.com

Sure, being the mature one comes with added responsibilities but knowing that your friends are happy and safe gives you satisfaction like nothing else can.