Technology is reaching new heights. More so, because of the young minds we're finding across India. Here is yet another proud moment for all of us.

The winners of Technovation Challenge 2015 - the world's largest global pitch event encouraging young women entrepreneurs to create new tech products for the society - are none other than these 5 girls from Bengaluru.

The event was held in San Francisco on 25th June 2015.

They call themselves Team Pentechan, who're a group of five 14-year-old girls from the New Horizon Public School (NHPS), Bengaluru.

Now here's the exciting part. Their pitch got them a whopping USD 10,000 for the development of their mobile App, Sellixo (means waste in Portuguese).

According to sources , "Sellixo is an android mobile application which provides an online marketplace for users to buy and sell dry wastes. It targets the following customer segments: dry waste producers like small shopkeepers and apartment associations, dry waste collectors (raddiwaalas) and recycling agencies. Sellixo incentivizes roadside shops to properly dispose dry wastes by making the disposal profitable."

Their school is so proud of their victory that they've announced a cash prize of Rs 25,000 to each of these girls whilst naming them the brand ambassadors of the school.

Furthermore, their exciting jingle for the app has also caught the industry's attention. It's - Why thrash it, when you can cash it.

Impressive, right? Hats off to these girls for making us proud, especially in a country where women education continues to fall behind. #SoProud

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