Friends – you just can’t get through this roller coaster ride called life without them by your side. But friends come in different shapes, sizes and levels of closeness. You’ve got friends, you’ve got good friends and then you have the big ones – the best friends. Here are 12 major differences between good friends and best friends.

1. Good friends ignore your annoying habits but best friends point it out and make sure you know about it!

2. Good friends don’t bring up things that embarrass you but best friends tease you about it from morning till dusk.

3. Good friends put up with your terrible boyfriend/girlfriend but a best friend will tell you to your face they are not right for you!

4. Good friends call you up at midnight to wish you happy birthday, best friends will be next to you pouring you the next round of drinks!

5. You can laugh like a fool in front of good friends but you can only cry like a baby in front of your best friends.

6. Good friends are always on your speed dial but best friends are on your last called list.

7. Good friends offer to help you in times of need but best friends just go ahead and do it.

8. You’ve barely had fights with good friends but you’ve had the most terrible fights with your best friends.

9. Good friends send you reassuring, supportive text messages when you’re down but best friends call you up and talk to you for hours.

10. Good friends like all your FB photos but best friends are in them!

11. Good friends call you back within 10 minutes if you ring them up while they are busy. Best friends will leave whatever they are in the middle of and come to your rescue wherever you are!

12. Good friends are always available for a talk on gchat on Whatsapp but you can only call up your best friends at 4 am in the night and talk till the sun comes up!

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