Shaadi season is hitting town and this time, it’s special! You can’t believe it’s time already, but your best friend is all set to open a new chapter in her life. And whether you like it or not, things are going to change. With all the new things she’s going to go through, it’ll take her a while before she can settle down and spend time with her BFF like she used to.

It’s true, it feels like time is running out for the two of you. Even so, you know that her marriage will only make your friendship deeper. With all those new experiences waiting for the two of you, who will you share them with, but each other?

So make sure you complete this bucket list while you still have a chance:

1. Revisit your old haunts

All those places you have visited together, all the good times you have had will come flooding back.

2. Go on a shopping spree together

It’s one of those luxuries that you can afford to have now. Who knows when you’ll get the time to do it again!

3. Tear up letters from all her exes

Your best friend is your support system, and you are her pillar of strength. Help her let go of the past before she takes an important step towards the future.

4. Spend a weekend catching up on all your favourite chick flicks/rom-coms together

You’ve always wanted to do it and you’ve never gotten around to it. Grab a bowl of munchies and settle down in front of the screen together while you still have time.

5. Spend a full week attending ladies nights in different joints

NO ONE can party like you and your bestie can. NO ONE!

6. Take that trip you both have always wanted to

You’ve been planning it for years, and you know it’s going to be fun. Now is the time to stop thinking, pack your bags and leave already!

7. Have a fun time picking out naughty lingerie for each other

Hot Pink! Fluorescent Orange! Glow-in-the-dark!

8. Sing songs about the losers she has dated

You don’t have to be Bryan Adams! Pick up your guitar, make up some horrid lyrics about those beastly boys. No one’s going to judge you for your guitar skills!

9. Pamper yourselves

Spa = relaxing. Time with your bestie = relaxing. Why haven’t you done this already?

10. Make extravagant plans for each other’s weddings (and make sure you see them through later!)

You know she’s depending on you to take her through this, and you know she’ll do the same for you when the time comes. Pull out all the stops and make her special day perfect!

As your sister/bestie goes through bouts of excitement and panic before her wedding, so will you. This is one wedding you’ve been planning for years. You’ve even played the perfect match-maker for this jodi. Here’s your chance to make this shaadi even more memorable!

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