When everyone else fails to understand you, it’s only that best friend who comes to your rescue. Honestly, no one can appreciate the ‘weirdness’ in you more than this friend. He/she always sticks around you and that’s the reason you love and trust your best friend more than anyone else.

That’s why your best friend is the best thing that ever happened to you. Who else can deal with you and your never-ending pickle?

Listed below are 20 things you can only share with your best friend:

1. That look you always share with your friend when you secretly want to convey something to them without anyone else knowing about it.

2. You can easily share all the embarrassing photos and videos of your teenage which you don’t want anyone else to see.

3. Your best friend definitely knows everything related to your poop, be it the colour or the texture.


5. Be it your family issues or family dramas, your best friend knows everything. And that’s not it, you love bitching about your family members with him/her.

6. You share the same amount of hatred for a common friend.

7. All those times when you are broke. Finally, you both end up in a cheap hall or window shopping.

8. You comfortably tell them about your little tricks, like you actually remember everything after drinking.

9. The boy/girl you are crushing on. You can bore the hell out of your friend discussing about that person, without being judged.

10. How annoying your partner is. Only a best friend can understand, support and stay mum about it.

11. First kiss. That’s not it, they also know every detail about your hook ups.

12. The ex you can’t forget. Dosti ki hai toh nibhani toh padegi , boss.

13. Your disgusting medical issues, like constipation and diarrhoea.

14. Your secret life, where you love watching daily soaps because they watch it with you.


15. How much you actually weigh. The world must not know about it but you can definitely tell your bestie about it.


16. Your evil streak. They know what you are up to when you are being too sweet to your ex.

17. How you look without make up. You don’t give a flying fuck because your bestie has seen worse than this.

18. You feel comfortable discussing your weirdest dreams without feeling embarrassed and you can do this for hours.

19. This is a regular feature in your conversations: “Where is my life going? I don’t have a fucking clue?”

20. Your sex life (if you have one) and all the weird fantasies you wish would come true are discussed.

Friends can be made in a moment, but best friends are earned after years of trust and love!