Most people are always complaining about their annoying roommates. The kind of roommates you just don’t get along with because they always piss you off and you end up arguing a lot with them. But some of us are blessed with the best roommates ever. Living with them is the easiest thing in the world and we can’t thank our lucky stars enough for having such awesome people as roommates.

Here are 15 things you will agree with if you have the best roommate ever:

1. They always know how to improve your mood.

Daaru peena hai?

2. You guys have common friends.

Your friends are their friends and their friends are your friends.

3. They always know when you need someone around.

4. But also know when to leave you alone!

They wait patiently outside the door for hours when your ‘friend’ is visiting.

5. They always lend you money.

They don’t keep a tab because you lend them money too.

6. You share each other’s clothes.

7. You hate the same people.

There are some people both of you cannot stand, and they’re never invited to your place.

8. They are very good at keeping secrets.

9. And they often cover for you.

They know when to lie to your parents, boss or significant other.

10. They cook great food.

Aaj chicken banaye?

11. Or at least get good food from home.

Ghar ka khaana!

12. They can order food for you without even having to ask.

Because they know your likes and dislikes by heart.

13. They take care of you when you’re sick or drunk.

14. After a house party, they always help you clean up the mess.

15. And when it comes to dealing with neighbours or landlords, they’re always there for you.

It might be one of the rarest things in the world but if you have managed to find yourself an awesome roommate, you are very, very lucky!