“Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what”

And you did! You found your best friend! From 3 AM breakdowns and emotional long-nights to fun-filled weekends, road-trips and sleepovers, having your BFF by your side has really made life easier, happier and all the more worthwhile for you. But that’s not all. You and your BFF are so close that sometimes you forget they’re not your sibling!

Here are 24 signs that you and your BFF have been together for way too long.

1. The two of you have a world of your own which nobody else can comprehend.

Over the time the two of you’ve been friends, you’ve shared way too many secrets, inside jokes, code languages and what not! Others can/will never understand.

2. You never have to worry about being yourself in front of them.

They know exactly who you are and so you never have to be politically correct or act your age. You can happily unleash the crazy person inside you!

3. They know exactly what makes you angry, smile, cry and laugh. They even know your first reaction to every situation!

It’s like they’re foresighted about your reactions and actions!

4. You never have to think about the first person to call when there’s news. It’s ‘Best Friend-On Speed-Dial-Forever’!

5. Every news about you, no matter how big or small, has importance in your BFF’s life.

From moving to a new city or buying a new car down to the last pair of shorts you just bought, everything is news worthy for them!

Source: Emlii

6. You know every dirty/clean/little/big/embarrassing secret about each other.

7. You don’t feel awkward even if you meet them after months/years.

Because you never really have to catch up.

8. You and your BFF have shared many “first time” excitements with each other.

From your first kiss to your first 😉 😉 😉 , they were the ones who got the call right after. And continue to!

Source: Tumblr

9. From poop talks to your everyday problems, the two of you have spoken about everything and more. Yet you never run out of things to talk about!

10. You can even predict each other’s surprises and still be happy about it!

11. The number of 3 AM conversations you’ve had is uncountable.

12. Despite the number of pranks you’ve played on each other, you don’t stop!

13. You’re now emotionally co-dependent!

The level of your everyday sanity is correlated to the comfort level your BFF provides, whether in person, over a call or a simple “:-* XoX”.

Source: Emlii

14. You and your best friend still fool around regardless of the place you’re at.

You really don’t give a damn about who’s watching or judging.

15. Even if you’re dating someone or are married, your BFF remains the most trustworthy ally!

Your BFF taught you the true meaning of trust and friendship and that’s the reason behind your ‘always and forever’ mantra !

16. The word ‘family’ has expanded to include your BFF.

They’re more than just your friend. Sometimes a parent, a lover or a sibling too!

17. You both can gossip non-stop about people you dislike, even if you don’t share common friends/enemies!

Even if you’re not acquainted with the person they hate, you really don’t care. Their enemies are your enemies!

18. A lot of your stuff has now become their stuff!

Source: Emlii

19. No matter when/where the two of you get together, you celebrate every second of it!

The fact that you’re together is enough reason for you to celebrate!

20. Your BFF’s house is like your personal dharamshala . You don’t need a reason to crash there!

Pajama parties or night-stays have never a problem for you two. Besides, you’ve dropped by untimely and continue to, without any justifications!

21. And even if you spend days at your BFF’s house, your parents won’t have a problem.

Their home is like your second home and over the years, your parents have come to accept this.

22. You have too many memories together to relive, each time you meet.

23. And you don’t stop there. You keep making new ones!

24. Despite differences and plenty of petty arguments, you and your BFF have come this far!

You no longer have fights because you know each other enough to guess what will piss the other off!

Your lives might be running in different directions, but the magnet of your friendship has kept the two of you together all this time. And, will continue to!