Ask any passionate biker what happiness means to them and I bet you’re going to hear this, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and that is close enough.” Some bikers even believe that riding a bike is better than driving a car. Here’s why…

1. “Kitna degi?” is the last thing on a biker’s mind when he buys his dream ride. Fuel economy FTW!

2. No parking? No problem!

3. Cars cause traffic jams, bikes cut through them. #WIN

4. On a bike, nothing can come between you and your bae.

5. You can never look as bad-ass in a car as you would on a bike.

6. Bikes = Freedom with a capital “F.”

7. Misty wind-shields? Nah…

8. Bikers have biker clubs. What do car enthusiasts have?

9. Everyone can drive a car, but it takes real talent to tame a two-wheeled monster.

10. “Four wheels will get you there, but two wheels will make the journey memorable.”

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