Most people are fond of something or someone and it is all good till it becomes an addiction they can’t do away with. The most common addiction is of alcohol, tobacco and cocaine but for some people, sky is the limit. From pee-spoiled diapers to chewing brick walls, some people are struggling with addictions that are unheard of.

Here are 15 people who have the strangest addictions and they are so nasty that they will creep you out.

1. Casie eats the ashes of her deceased husband. She also talks to it and takes it to the movies.


2. Patrice Benjamin-Ramgoolam from London eats brick walls to satisfy her taste-buds which crave earthy taste.


3. Davecat is addicted to his synthetic dolls because he can’t deal with human inconsistencies

His mistress, Elena is on the left and wife Sidore is on the right. He likes being sexually active with both of them.


4. Woman enjoys sniffing and chewing on diapers that have pee in it

She gets used diapers from friends and even strangers to enjoy the taste of ‘sour candy’. She even hides a few in her purse.


5. Lisa likes eating her cat’s fur and goes to the extent of licking her cat for that.

Poor little kitty!


6. Jaye likes to snort baby powder and has inhaled over 1800 lbs baby powder till now

She really liked the fragrance of baby powder but thought it was not strong enough, so she sniffed harder and it was inside her nose. And now, there is no stopping for her.


7. Julia Caples is addicted to human-blood. She cuts human flesh and sucks blood directly from the body.

And we thought vampires were not for real.


8. Valeria Lukyanova is obsessed with looking like a Barbie and has undergone various surgeries to look like this.


9. Toby is 33 and he is so obsessed with Justin Bieber that he has spent $100,000 for a facial makeover to look like him.


10. Robert is obsessed with eating plastic bags and has consumed around 60,000 plastic bags till now!


11. Sydney is obsessed with neck-rings. She takes them off only twice a year and has stretched her neck to five inches!

12. Carrie drinks her own pee, five times a day and even brushes her teeth with it.


13. Tempestt Henderson is 19 and she likes to eat detergent and soap, up to seven times a day!


14. Bianca likes eating cigarette ashes. She tried eating pottery as a substitute but did not like it.


15. Margaret is addicted to bee stings. She has provoked bees over 50,000 times for the same.


People are strange.