Ever had the feeling that someone was following you, or that you were cursed with a really bad case of insomnia? Most of the time your friends would just swat your concerns aside with a casual “it’s all in your head”. The problem is, that might be true. We’ve all heard of the usual run-of-the-mill psychological disorders. But there are some that are push the limits of belief.

Here are ten of the most bizarre ones.

One of the rarest conditions reported by psychiatrists around the world, it is usually induced by a dream or even hypnotism in some cases. According to the Book Of Daniel , Nebuchadnezzar, King of the Neo-Babylonian Empire is thought to have suffered from it.

Ever imagined a person from the interiors of Bihar waking up with a Chinese accent. Well, something similar happened to a young French woman, Astrid L., who woke up with a strong German accent. According to renowned French neurologist Pierre Marie, this mental condition could result from head trauma, a stroke or even a minor migraine attack.

This condition does not arise from any defect in the eye, but from the brain which interprets wrong information. So, next time you call someone short, you might wanna re-think that!

This is one of the most interesting yet extremely uncommon psychological disorders you could ever imagine. According to this syndrome, people have been reported to experience seizures upon hearing the voice of Mary Hart , a popular TV host. Surprisingly enough, the doctor who attempted to study this phenomena experienced one himself.

What’s cooking? Me! Apart from being simply the strangest, this might be one of the scariest mental conditions in human history. Also, known as self-cannibalism, this condition renders an uncontrollable desire in a person to devour oneself by chewing or biting. According to a few notable doctors, a person usually starts from biting his/her nails and ends in life-threatening situations. That is probably why they say, “Don’t bite your nails.”

As alien as it sounds, this psychological condition is a nightmare for the person experiencing it. People suffering from Alien Hand Syndrome lose voluntary control over their arm, wherein the arm has a mind of its own as it responds to all the activities around, without the person getting to control it.

Jerusalem Syndrome is a strange psychological condition chiefly typical to extremely religious people, especially when they are in the holy city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem officials and police have tailor-made rules and procedures for dealing with victims of this disorder.

Do you sometimes feel that Deepika or Priyanka love you? Well, then you might just have Erotomania, a psychological disorder that takes narcissism to another level altogether!

Cotard Syndrome, also known as the Walking Corpse Syndrome, is one of the most deadly psychological disorders of all. Under this syndrome, a person usually believes himself to be dead or in-existent or that he has lost all his blood and internal organs. It is considered to be an underlying disorder of mental conditions like Schizophrenia or psychotic depression.

Also known as the Genital Retraction Syndrome, Koro Syndrome is as bizarre as it gets. According to this psychological disorder, a deep-seated fear constantly disturbs a person regarding his/her shrinking genitals(penis in case of men and boobs in case of women). This disorder extends to the level of people fearing death in case the supposed shrinking leads to a total loss of genitals.

And you thought your insomnia was weird!