And so are you. And you. And all of you. The only problem is that you don’t believe it enough. On one hand, you want to be yourself, be free, eat what you love, wear what you like, but on the other you await acknowledgement from others, follow trends you don’t need to, plastic your identity, go crazy about your weight, and dwell in what Naomi Wolf calls the beauty myth. But to what end? The world plays you for its convenience and you happily get played.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. I’m a beautiful person after all!

How about we put an end to it? These outstanding personalities have come a long way in understanding the true nature of body-image politics. Maybe we can all learn a lesson or two from them? Here are 31 such quotes to free ourselves from non-sensical bonds of body perception and beauty:

Your body takes on way too much pressure from the world. Way more than required. It’s a reflection of you, a part of your identity. Why be so hard on it unnecessarily? Hope these quotes change your perspective!