When asked if he's insecure about not having enough money for himself by the end of the day, he said, " Paisa is a by-product. I will get it anyway. Rs 10 crore or Rs 100 crore won't give me security. I feel secure by doing this. It is only a bandage on a huge wound. But in the process I am securing that human being that is still alive in me. Everyone will forget me if I stop acting in films. You won't come to interview me, but I know that those people (farmers) will remember me for life."

Farmer suicide is a tragedy that our country continues to face year after year. According to a United Nations report , a farmer dies every 32 minutes in our country. Maharashtra alone is accounted for about a quarter of the entire country's suicides and recorded 1,306 deaths this past year. The figure is 40 % more than the previous year.

It's heartwarming to see people come forward to address this issue. Nana deserves an applause for working tirelessly for the farmer community.