Ghatkopar, Byculla, Chinchpokli, and many more. Aamchi Mumbai is full of strange sounding neighborhoods. What's weirder still is that some of these names have quite the history attached to them. Finally we have the answer to the question, 'where do they keep all the curry at Currey Road?'

Kudos to Debarpan Das for this compilation .

1. If you thought it was named after a literal 'Masjid' you were wrong.

2. This one sounds obvious enough.

3. Next station Sion. Pudheel station Sheev.

4. Sandhurst Road, AKA the easiest way to get to Bhindi Bazaar.
5. Contrary to what you might have heard, it's not "Bhai, kal aa."
6. That's one badass king!
7. That's one 'stable' neighborhood.
8. One of Mumbai's many hidden gems.
9. Somewhere over the hills, literally.
10. Add a pinch of chinch.
11. Dadar, the place where a bajillion people go to catch a train.
12. Just reading this makes me hungry.