People grow through their experiences, and a country through its people. Luckily for India, we have so many people to meet, each with a different story to tell and a new experience to share. The country has so many languages, cultures and traditions to offer. One such integral part is Bengal and the colourful people that reside there. Wherever they go, they leave a mark.

We asked people from different communities what they loved about Bongs and got some amazing responses:

1. “Despite Hindi not being their mother tongue, I think they try their best to speak the language. Barring a few gender-swapping sentences, they are simply adorable!”

2. “I don’t really know too many Bongs, but Bong actresses are the hottest.”


3. “My girlfriend is Bong and she introduced me to the best seafood I’ve had in my life.”

4. “I know a few Bongs and they’re always happy to have guests, no matter what time it is.”

5. “The ulu at Bong weddings is the most amusing yet fun thing I’ve seen at any wedding!”


6. “I’m not kidding when I say that I’d kill for some Rasgulla and Sondesh. It’s literally a ticket to heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth!”

7. “My Bong friends took me to a Durga Puja pandal last year, and if you love food, it’s the place to be.”

8. “Bongs make for awesome travel buddies and take my word – they are amazing guides!”

9. “Bong cinema is as good, if not better than Hindi cinema. These guys really know how to make movies.”


10. “If Bongs are in the mood to argue and have some cha by their side, they’re unstoppable, and I’m not exaggerating. They’re always up for a debate.”

11. “Bong women are nightingales. It’s a bliss to listen to them sing.”

12. “Here, we are trying to get rid of our pet names, and look at Bongs loving theirs so much! It’s cute. “

13. “Bongs are downright crazy about sports! They’re also pretty loyal followers of Bong players. I remember this one time I was watching an IPL match with them and the only reason they weren’t supporting KKR was because Sourav Ganguly wasn’t chosen to play for them.”


14. “Each Bong I know has some sort of hidden talent.”

15. “All my Bong friends are bookworms. They’ve read it all; from biographies of Nehru to Harry Potter.”

16. “I almost always came second in class, because a Bong would always top.”

17. “Going to CR Park without a Bong friend was a mistake. Then I went out with a Bong and it was like a whole new world – 20 times more interesting and 100 times sweeter!”

18. “They absolutely love fish. Too mach, if you know what I mean”


19. “There is no denying that Bongs are a passionate lot: whether it is music or movies or sports or politics.”

We simply adore you, Bengalis!