There was a time when we had to walk all over the colony and beg a maid to work for us. Because in between work and classes and managing tons of other things, our houses dangerously started resembling the insides of a factory. We all know that struggle. Most of us have been through that.


But the times they are a changing.

Now, there is an app to make life easier for us. Much like how we book tickets online, buy stuff, order food, buy electronics online, we can now book a maid online on bookmybai . Pretty neat, right? Quite a relief for all Mumbaikars and people in Pune, since the app has started providing maids in those cities for now.

It helps inexperienced singletons to manage their day-to-day life and provides necessary employment to a lot of people willing to work. Not only that, it is of great help to families in need of a babysitter or families with a member who require intensive care.


The process to book a maid is also pretty simple. You make an account, choose what work you want the maid to do, feed in your preferred timings and once the maid is booked, she will start work the next day.


There are, however, a few things that appear bothersome for now.


See it? In case you don’t, it says:

Diamonds are useless! Gift your wife a maid.

Two things here:

1. This ad is clearly derogatory to the the maid, a working woman who might just be the only earning member.

The assumption that a maid – who is clearly earning a living – is inferior is awful. They are as legitimately earning a living as any person going to office. The trivialising of their work is probably not the best way to promote an app, which is based on exactly that – their work.

2. And exactly why is it that ONLY the wife who would want a maid? What about single men & women living alone or with friends?

Is it because she is ‘supposed to’ do all the work otherwise? Are household chores only a woman’s domain? Why, the men at home cannot work or something? Not a very ‘hassle-free’ ad.

Let’s not even talk about how we can ‘gift’ people now, apparently. It sounds quite juvenile and inhumane.

For such a innovative business idea, isn’t the advertisement very regressive?