Being a man isn’t just about crossing a certain age or looking a certain way. It’s a lot more. The world has a lot of brash, noisy, reckless boys but what we need are more responsible, composed men. In fact, it’s a question that’s been asked since time immemorial. What separates the men from the boys?

Here are 16 things that separate the men from the boys.

1. Men act. Boys boast.

While boys are interested in spinning stories and weaving tales, men just go ahead and do it.


2. Men command attention. Boys crave attention.

While boys try too hard to be the focus, men have an effortless way of being the center of attention without even trying.


3. Men are confident. Boys are insecure.

While it’s easy for boys to get flustered in the face of adversity, men are confident enough to overcome it.

4. Men give respect. Boys crave respect.

While boys are on a mission to make others respect them, men are wise enough to know it’s nobler to give respect.


5. Men look after women. Boys go after them.

While women for boys might seem like mere objects of affection, men treat them right and give them the care they deserve.


6. Men settle fights. Boys get into them.

It’s not a sign of masculinity but boyishness to get into fights. That’s why men are capable of settling fights not starting them.


7. Men don’t play games. Boys only care about winning.

Men don’t care about petty victories or power games, they care about the real things in life.


8. Men look for solutions. Boys look for escape.

When faced with a conundrum, boys just bolt for the exit door while men stand their ground and solve it.


9. Men correct their mistakes. Boys don’t admit their mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes but what you do when you make a mistake is what separates a man from a boy.

10. Men keep their cool. Boys tend to be hot-headed.

In a sticky situation, the way you handle yourself is the biggest indicator of whether you’re a man or a boy.


11. Men commend each other. Boys compete with each other.

It’s not the competition but how you handle victories and defeats that is the true mark of a man.


12. Men keep it simple. Boys make things complicated.

Be it thinking too much or acting out of proportions, boys complicate situations. Whereas men keep it simple and straightforward.


13. Men aren’t afraid to admit it if they are wrong. Boys are scared to be wrong.

Perhaps it’s the immaturity but boys fear being wrong about things. However, real men realize that if they’re wrong, admitting is the manly thing to do.

14. Men silence their critics. Boys can’t handle them.

When met with criticism, boys lash out or break down but men respond strongly and silence everyone who doubted them.

15. Men don’t need to prove a point. Boys are always trying to.

For boys, every move is about proving something to someone. Whereas men don’t need to prove anything to anyone because they are fully aware of where they are and who they are.


16. Men are proud of their life. Boys are proud of their trophies.

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