We all hate lies, lying and the failure to communicate. Just because lying is wrong though, doesn’t mean you don’t need to do it once in a while. There’s regular lies, there’s white lies and then there’s convenient lies. In almost any relationship, it’s sometimes easier and yes, even better to keep some things under the radar and not speak your mind completely.

Whether it’s questions about weight or how good the food they made tastes, most boyfriends lie, and it’s usually just because they care.

1. “Of course I remember our anniversary!”

As long as it’s not today .

2. “I missed you so much during the all-guys trip.”

Best time ever.

3. “No baby, of course you haven’t gained weight.”

Sorry didn’t notice. But of course, that’s the wrong answer.

4. “The Notebook, of course that’s the best movie ever!”

Thank God she didn’t notice me dozing off.

5. “Loved the healthy breakfast you made me, especially the soy milk!”

Where’s the bacon?

6. “I haven’t started smoking again. It’s those bloody neighbours!”

And they even leave their cigarettes in my pocket. Shameless, I tell you!

7. “The food here is good, but I know a better place.”

I love this place… when I’m broke.

8. “I don’t even know her. She only added me on Facebook.”

Loving it.

9. “I’m totally cool with your ex coming over, really!”


10. “Spending Sunday shopping at the mall sounds like a GREAT idea!”

Weight lifting time!

11. “Combined workout at 6am? Sounds like plan babe!”

12. “Of course I don’t watch porn anymore! Why would I even want to?!”

13. “Adele is one of my favourite artists too!”

14. “It totally doesn’t bother me that you earn more than I do. It’s the 21st century!

I know this almost feels like a magician revealing their secrets, but this stuff had to come out sooner or later. Sorry and good luck!