Pepsi. Coke. Nike. Adidas. We know the logos of all the brands. But do we know them all? How good is our brand recognition talent? How good are you with famous global brands, especially when the text is in Chinese?

Here are 15 brand logos which have been redesigned in Chinese (Mandarin) by Chinatown . How many can you guess?

1. For everything else there is?

2. Coffee with your name on it!

3. Gasoline that is famous worldwide.

4. You probably played with these building blocks as kids.

5. Better than McDonald's!

6. Angrezi metro.

7. Shoes that we all wore to college...

8. Famous denim brand.

9. Cola for the health conscious.

10. When you think astronauts, you think?

11. The foreign version of our 24/7 store.

12. World famous airlines.

13. Computers is the biggest clue.

14. Rahul Dravid endorsed this brand.

15. Around the globe courier services.

If you did not get it, here are the answers: 1. Master Card 2. Starbucks Coffee 3. Shell 4. Lego 5. Burger King 6. London Underground 7. Converse 8. Levi's 9. Diet Pepsi 10. NASA 11. 7-Eleven 12. Lufthansa 13. Intel 14. Castrol 15. UPS.