‘The things you own end up owning you’. That’s a quote from Fight Club. But you don’t really care because you love brands! And you love flaunting them! If they are branded, then you’ve got to have it! Here are 10 signs that you are crazy about brands.

1. You judge people by the brands they use.

2. Deep down you believe ‘The harder it is to pronounce the brand name, the more elite it must be.’

3. When you love a brand, their tagline becomes your life’s philosophy.

4. Sometimes, even if you see something you love, you still let it go because it wasn’t a famous brand.

5. And sometimes even though you know it looks like shit you still buy it because it is a famous brand.

6. You save the shopping bag with the brand logo and take it office just to carry your tiffin etc.

7. You find some way or the other to let people know which brand you’re wearing at that point.

8. You frequent your favourite brand’s outlets so often that the people who work there start to recognize you.

9. Whenever you click selfies, you make sure the brand logo is clearly visible even if your face isn’t.

10. You start putting up your favourite brand’s logo as your wallpaper and put up the logo stickers around your workstation.