Being ousted from the World Cup has proven to be difficult for all cricket fans. It has left your heart feeling sore and your stomach constantly churning. You are squeamish and only food can calm us down.

Thus, you find yourself binging four times a day, between the four square meals. But you know what? Its not a bad thing. At all. Everyone needs a coping mechanism and if yours is food, so be it. Food keeps you happy and that’s all that matters. Here are 16 dishes that will cheer you up in these difficult times :

1. Whole roasted chicken

Tearing chunks of chicken gives you a wild sense of satisfaction all the time. But after a nasty breakup it becomes a vent for all the pent up anger. You wolf down more and more chicken with butter oozing out and in the process rid yourself of the anger.

2. Blueberry Cheesecake

Oodles of blueberries sitting majestically atop a throne of white cheese. YUMMY. After the match which tore your heart, this sweet delicacy becomes your best friend. It leaves you feeling really full and happy as you drift into a sleep.

Source: Zavedania


Daaru more than soothes you. It let’s you forget for a while. But you can’t risk getting too drunk. There is work tomorrow after all. So the best thing to do is make a drunk watermelon and devour it. You won’t get drunk, just tipsy. And it takes more time than gulping down some daaru which helps you distract yourself.

Source: yes totally

4. Potato Chips

When a crunchy wafer touches your lips, for that one moment, everything seems to be alright. So naturally, a big bag of potato chips are your best friend.

Source: Food production

5. Loads of Nutella!

Purging yourself of the loss is not easy, but Nutella helps . Nutella is your solace. When combined with Oreo, it lets you believe that two amazing things can live together. And as you lick the plate or jar clean, you find yourself becoming more positive.

Source: Huffpost

6. Grilled cheese and ham

Cheese with bread, roti in fact anything is happy to look at. Grilled cheese with oregano and chilies is tempting for both your stomach and your heart. As you nibble on a sandwich, you find yourself slipping in its cheesy taste and forget all your sorrows. Add ham or bacon to soothe your heart.

Source: imgkid

7. Thick hot chocolate with as many marshmallows as you can find

Pure dark bars, a little milk and whipped cream is all you need to mend your heart. Add marshmallows, more chocolate and whatever else it takes to make that perfect warm concoction.

Source: Indulgy

8. Popcorn flavored with maggi masala

Popcorn comes to the rescue when you don’t want to go through the ordeal of ordering food. You can have a pack ready in less than three minutes. What could really help is adding a couple of packs of Maggi masala or chat masala.

Source: Gallery hip

9. Gajar ka halwa

Spooning happy looking gajar ka halwa into your mouth by the truckloads is sure to have you happy and running in no time. The warmth of the dish spreads from your stomach to your heart making it whole again. You find yourself healed in no time!

Source: Anjali’s food

10. Pizza

Many a times, ordering a pizza is your first recourse when you are really sad. The thought of eating all that chicken (or vegetables, or pepperoni) lost in the labyrinth of a cheesy dream makes you feel better. And when the dream becomes a reality, you find it difficult to stop chewing on it.

Source: mihan

11. A giant tub of Belgian Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate is good for you in any form and at an time. But especially in times like these and in this form. The dark and smooth texture of Belgian chocolate ice cream beckons at you.

12. French fries

The golden crunch makes you eat more one after the other while you watch your favorite movies or the highlights. When you find yourself feeling sad, their crispy love comes to the rescue.

Source: picdan

13. Gulab Jamuns

Pop them one after another and feel the sweetness melt in your mouth. With the gulabjamuns you also gulp your sorrows down. The tender and deep colored balls of happiness convince you that your sorrows will never return.

Source: Dishmaps

14. Samosa

You are an Indian at heart after all. The aloo -filled, deep-fried, spicy samose are something you absolutely need. You can buy so many and keep gobbling them up as long as you feel like. The warmth spreads from your throat to your heart and lets you feel SO GOOD.

Source: the chilli chutney

15. Biscuits

Any salty biscuit lying around the house can get devoured. Accompanied with butter, mayonnaise, or any other sauce which one can find lying around, they taste even better. And they will pump you up with all the extra calories which will make you feel better about everything.

Source: mazehha

16. Maggi!

Your comfort food which is there for you when nothing else is. Slurping down bowl after bowl of hot, steaming maggi is soothing. The spicy aftertaste that lingers is all you need to make everything right!

Source: curry

So don’t lose hope comrade. Just let yourself loose upon these dishes and feel better.