“I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three”– Anonymous

The first superhero we believe in, a brother is the epitome of perfection. From being totally crazy one moment, to being the responsible one the other, he is literally all types of awesomeness rolled into one. From sharing the crazy things we do, to taking advice whenever needed, he is a blessing in one’s life. Here are 12 reasons why your brother is and will always remain your first best friend.

1. He keeps all your secrets

From sharing your secret crushes to hiding the mess that you created from your mom, he keeps it all to himself.


2. He protects you like a ninja!

It is totally adorable how brothers are so protective towards their siblings. No one dare keep an eye on you, with them being around.


3. He was your very first and the best room mate

He taught you the values of sharing, caring and loving. He is the one you always look up to.


4. Your candid talk sessions are never-ending

From the problem that had been bugging you since a while, to the funny joke that you suddenly remember at 2 at night, your talking sessions have only got crazier as you grew up.


5. He gets you (sometimes awful) gifts. (But he still tries!)

No matter how hard it is for him to get that perfect gift for you, he still tries. You have saved all the things that he gave you – from that T-shirt, to the jewellery, like a treasure trove.


6. He saves you from trouble. Every single time!

He is the one who comes to your rescue whenever you are in trouble. It’s almost like he has magical powers as he, somehow, always knows when you get into trouble.


7. You fight over silly things, but they don’t last long as you cannot live without talking to him.

The fights are something that you have grown up with. No matter how much you love each other, you can’t live without the fights either. However, by the end of the day, you are back to normal as neither of you can live without talking to each other.


8. He shares everything with you

From saving that last bite of your favourite dish, to passing on the amazing collection of movies he downloaded, he shares everything with you without even having to ask for it.


9. He gives the world’s best advices

From studies and jobs to life-changing decisions, your brother gives you the best advices there ever will be. Period.


10. All of your life’s best moments include your brother.

Some of your best memories with him include laughing so hard that you almost cried!


11. He takes your side when your parents don’t

Even when your parents are not on your side, you know he always will. A friend, a parent and a saviour, he’s so much more to you than just a brother.


12. He always has your back

Remember the time when you were kids and he held your school bag, along with his own, just because you were too tired?  You can always rely on him as he is one person who always has your back.

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