Brutally honest: Someone who outwardly speaks his/her mind regardless of what someone else might feel .

If you have a friend that fits the above definition then welcome to the world of feeling like shit and loving it at the same time because you love your friend. They’re straightforward, to the point and downright rude at times but, on the brighter side, they never lie, beat around the bush or resort to dishonest ways.

And so, despite their words that pierce through your soul, you put up with them and know for a fact that they don’t mean to hurt you. Here are 12 advantages of having a friend so honest:

1. You value their opinion the most out of all your friends. Every word they say is true and straight to the point.

2. Scope for complication is close to nil, thanks to their no-secrets-keep-it-real philosophy.

3. They’re the ones you go to for relationship and career advice, even when you don’t like it.

After all, who else has the guts to tell you that your partner’s not right for you?

4. You never have to worry about them doing or saying anything behind your back because that’s just against their nature.

5. Their opinions never flicker with people or change with company. So no ‘two-faced’, diplomatic conflicts are likely to appear in your friendship.

6. When you want to buy something exorbitantly mehenga or make a life changing decision, they’re the ones you go to.

You need an honest opinion, right? Who better than them!

7. They often give you the other perspective, which most of your other friends don’t.

8. Their blunt attitude has often kept you from embarrassing yourself in front of people.

Like that time you put on something ridiculous for a party but thankfully showed them before leaving.

9. It’s all the more entertaining for you to watch people not take your friend’s bluntness seriously and you’re just like…

10. They somehow always manage to warn you well before you jump into the well.

You might still jump in and regret about not listening to them later but well, sometimes you do listen.

11. Their brutally honest comments have made you more tolerant to criticism.

12. The best part is that because they’re so honest with you, you can be brutally honest with them. And they won’t mind.

Feel free to abuse the crap out of them!

Brutal yes, but better than having a dishonest friend, right?