They say honesty is the best policy. Is it though? If you’re a person who believes in brutal honesty, there are plenty of positives and negatives that come with it! Be it a trivial issue or a life and death matter, lying or bending the truth is just not in your nature. You’d rather tell the truth and face the consequences than lie about something. Here are 10 problems you face if you are a brutally honest person.

1. You’ve had countless fights with your close friends and your loved ones over your blunt and straightforward reactions. To them it’s insensitivity and rudeness not honesty!

2. Whenever your friends are met with a really grave problem, be it a relationship query or to find out if a new hairstyle is making them look stupid, you’re the first and only person they consult!

3. You’re terrible at making a good first impression because you say things so directly that it might shock a person you’re meeting for the first time!

4. You find it extremely difficult to be around someone who says great things to people in front of them and abuses them behind their back!

5. You strongly believe in the age-old theory that if you lie once, you have to cover it up with a thousand other lies!

6. Relationships are a bit tricky for you because at the start your partner wants you to be brutally honest about everything but after some time that’s what they hate the most about you!

7. You have a reputation of “yeh kuch bhi bol sakta hai” around the people you spend time with especially your colleagues. It’s not something your boss is a big fan of either!

8. You live a very misunderstood existence because only a handful of people sincerely believe that you giving an honest reaction is for their own good.

9. Some of the accusations that have been hurled at you are “heartless” “rude” “ill-mannered” “obnoxious” “snobbish” and “who the hell do you think you are?”

10. You know that despite whatever problems your honesty brings, you’re staying true to your heart! Because at least you get to sleep with a clear mind and conscience!