Sun Signs – some of us swear by them, some of us dismiss them. But pretty much all of us read about them. However, the thing about sun signs is that different astrologers say so many different things in such twisted ways that a layman might find it difficult to decode. So here’s a simplistic and (warning!) highly stereotypical guide to sun signs by Bodhisatwa Dasgupta.

About Bodhi

Bodhisatwa, or Bodhi as he is fondly known in the advertising circus is an obsessive, compulsive writer. When he’s not writing ads for a target audience he hasn’t met, he’s writing the first line of books that he won’t write. And when he’s not writing that, he’s writing about irrelevant things that have no implication in the macrocosm of things. Bodhi hates long words. Like obituary. And when the time is ripe, he’ll write his own, thank you very much.