While most of us can’t get through an hour without constantly checking for notifications on our smartphones, Bulgarian travellers Boris Kanev and Marta Samalea and their cat managed to hitchhike all the way to India without even resorting to the luxury of a smartphone!

After 511 days of travelling across Asia on the road, they made their way into India via Myanmar.

“Now they roam the subcontinent, drink tea, feast on vegetarian wonders, enjoy time with friends and write a little book of tales, while looking for a way back home”, reads their blog Roving Snails.

Armed with an ever-so-reliable old Nokia handset, the couple set out to savour the raw experiences and flavours that their travels would inevitably bring forth.

After over 500 days offline, the couple says that disconnecting from social media and spending days soaking up what nature has to offer has been liberating.

The idea of not having access to apps like Google Maps while travelling in unknown countries might be unnerving for most. But Boris and Marta found adventure in exploring their own routes and interacting with locals on their travels to find their way across the subcontinent.

They say: ” We did it searching for more experiences and encounters than landmark photographs”.

An inspiration to aspiring travellers, Kanev and Samalea are of the opinion that when things slip out of your hands and out of control, one can just go with the flow.

All pictures sourced via Roving Snails’ facebook profile.

‘The real, surreal and imaginary travels of two humans and one cat’ deserves applause for their undaunted quest for adventure.

So the next time you decide to venture out into the unknown, take inspiration from this adventurous duo and leave your smartphone behind. Because only then will you have your very own authentic experience. Where the roads might lead is bound to take you by surprise!